Former Tivoli in Utrecht is being revamped as a cultural platform and culinary hotspot with local entrepreneurs and artisan products. VOCUS brings this beautiful historical building on the Oude Gracht back to life, together with initiator Douwe van Akkerveeken, Stadswaarde Vastgoedontwikkeling and interior designers Pierre Mazairac and Karel Boonzaaijer. The building reflects almost the entire history of Utrecht from the Middle Ages onwards. With our design we add a new layer to this iconic place.

In the Middle Ages, the building regularly served as a monastery and an orphanage. This historical layering is one of the pillars of the design, together with the new interpretation. With it, we visibly restore the lost structure and make the monastery garden and corridor recognisable again. In addition to a small, intimate stage, the renewed Tivoli also offers space to various local entrepreneurs from the hospitality industry. There will be a restaurant, a boutique hotel and a children's daycare centre.



Stadswaarde Vastgoedontwikkeling





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