Spieghelkerk Bussum

National monument was expanded

The aim of the expansion is to give the church more space to fulfil its role as a social centre for the local community. Not just for church services, but also lectures with literature and music, and meetings aimed at children and adolescents.

The Bussum Spieghelkerk is located in the middle of the green residential area Spieghel (protected townscape) and is considered one of the most beautiful churches in the Netherlands. A national monument from 1924 in Amsterdam School style. The building was mainly extended in the pre-existing side annex, which is less connected to the original building style of the church.

This contrast has been picked up and further implemented in our design, for which the pre-existing foundation and part of the supporting structure have been reused. It is now a building with a new appearance, an abstract contemporary 'box' in masonry with a glass intermediate section as a clear connection between church and side annex. The colour and texture of the masonry match those of the church and are the connection between old and new.





Board Spieghelkerk





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